0xDAO Grant Program Framework (v2)

Background, Qualification Criteria, and Commitments
Note: Effective 15 May 2022, v2 supersedes v1


Building on momentum, outcomes, and learnings from v1, 0xDAO Grants v2 is structured as an experiment focused on a specific use case, with tightly defined qualification criteria and active support commitments.

Qualification Criteria

  • Must incorporate NFTs in some way (not necessarily a marketplace)
  • Must use 0x(v4) + NFT Swap SDK (limited exceptions may be made for v2 or v3)
  • Must support Polygon Network
  • Must use the feeRecipient or affiliateAddress parameter in orders
  • Must have a path to launch an MVP within 60 days of grant receipt
  • Stackable bonus for projects that also incorporate Lens Protocol
  • Preference will be given to bootstrapped projects, i.e., projects that don't have VC funding
Note: Grants are intended to support new development and initiatives and generally will not be awarded retroactively for work already done unless there are unique or extenuating circumstances

Our Commitments

  • Up to $150k allocated in $5-10k grants (disbursed in $ZRX and $MATIC)
  • Developer support in dedicated trader.xyz Discord channel
  • Shared, hosted orderbook (trader.xyz)
  • Additional support for projects meeting certain metrics (TBD)
  • Bonus grants may be awarded for projects that contribute new features to the SDK

Application Form